Are you looking for a project that totally different from what you have been investing recently? Here are some reasons to consider investing in Kingdom Game 4.0

  1. Kingdom Game 4.0 – an Online Game Platform that integrated payment, trading and operation by using cryptocurrency (Blockchain technology application)
  2. Having guarantee system to ensure the real value of in-game items.
  3. Tokens is listing on various exchanges to ensure the instant liquidity, which means the liquidation of in-game items and money almost immediately.
  4. Lifetime referral mechanism, very attractive to KOLs and TOP Streamers. Because it is suitable for forming and developing in-game guilds quickly through a huge fan base.
  5. Game publisher commit to have cash-back mechanism for Gamers 25-50% of the profits that earned from Game through in-game campaigns and events.
  6. The Operation team has experiences in operating and managing in major Game publishing Companies as VNG and Blockchain Companies (application Blockchain in payment)
  7. The first 2 Game versions that we aim to be MU and Vo Lam Truyen Ky. They are two legends in Game market; it is an attraction for Gamers to join our Kingdom Game 4.0’s platform.
  8. Kingdom Game 4.0 has reached agreement on advertising and media support from the most popular Online Game Streamers in Vietnam.
  9. The selling price for Angel Investor Funding round is $0.05/KDG and it will be fixed for Agents public sale at $0.2/KDG. Besides, investors also enjoy Company shares when participating in this Funding round.
  10. With current market’s demand and resources from the team, Investment Funds and superior features in our platform, Kingdom Game 4.0 is expected to be a start-up unicorn in Game Online integrated with Crypto.

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