🔥Live streaming has become an essential part of the gaming world as it is a very great way to gain and share gaming experiences. Live streaming platforms play a crucial part in facilitating such connections between gamers and viewers. This article is singling out the top 5 live streaming platforms nowadays.



Twitch, a live streaming platform that is most associated with streaming of video games, is the undisputed champion of its arena. Since its release in 2007, Twitch has risen to become the leader in the game streaming market with around 1.5 million streamers and 100 million viewers tuning in every month.


🍁Facebook Gaming

Even though it is comparatively new and hasn’t been introduced in every country, with Facebook’s huge user base, Facebook Gaming is expected to be the next big competitor in the streaming world.


🍁Youtube Gaming

 Google has only introduced its game streaming platform since 2015, but it quickly became popular among gamers. The reason for this is the platform has a wide server network, so the video quality is high and technical problems are minimized


🍁Cube TV

Unlike other live streaming platforms, Cube focuses on mobile games, eSports and a game marketplace to cater to all users’ needs.


🍁Kinglive TV

Kinglive TV is a live streaming platform by Kingdom Game 4.0. What sets it apart from other platforms is the application of blockchain technology. With Kinglive TV, gamers not only can share gaming experiences but also have the opportunity to understand cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as well as the finance market.


👉Kinglive TV is releasing the next version in July with many exciting new features.

Let’s experience Kinglive TV at https://kinglive.tv/home and stay tuned for the upcoming events.