GOOD NEWS: With the extensive cooperation with Vsex.Pro and VS Capital, we will conduct Wam up ieo with a total of 312,500 KDG allocated on Vsex.Pro.


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You can join by APP or Web. Each subscriber will receive 10 USD stable coin.


About Vsex.Pro

Vsex.Pro is an innovative community cryptocurrency exchange from China. Funds invested in Vsex.Pro such as DFG, Imagination Fund, Viking Capital, CollinStar Capital and 8 Decimal capital ...


The main products included

- VS Labs: focus on quality projects for the community

- VS Capital: research and strategic investments for good projects as well as secondary market consultations.

- V Bonus: focus on mining pool, staking and making high profits for projects and investors


Currently the number of users from over 70 countries and rigion with 3 supported languages   are English, Chinese, Vietnamese. In the near future will launch more products as leverage trading and futures contracts as well as many other attractive products.



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