Welcome you to the exciting Kingdom Game 4.0 Bounty campaign!


In response to the warm welcome and expectation from the community for the upcoming KingliveTV platform launching event, we will give you the opportunity to participate in the Bounty campaign with details as below :


Start date: from  April 30 to May 07, 2021


Join now: @KDG_Reward_Bot



1. Follow twitter, retweet this post https://bit.ly/3gL7Hcr : 1 point

2. Join KDG Official English Group: 1 point

3. Join Kingdom Game 4.0 Announcements: 1 point

4. Invite friends to KDG Official English Group: 1 point per 1 invitee


You can get point by completing the tasks that introduced by our KDG Reward Bot


1) Each point worths 2 #KDG. Each user can get Maximum 200 #KDG Token.

2) Prize pool is 40,000 #KDG Token, worthy of $3,000.

3) First come, first serve. 

4) Reward will be sent in 7 days after Campaign end.

5) You must always keep following our social media accounts. In case of without fully followed or unfollowed before the campaign end will cause you ineligible to claim the reward

6) Multiple clones and fake accounts are not allowed to participate in this campaign. If we detect any cases, we will exclude these from the reward list and upcoming activities from us without any notice.


How to join?

1. Go to KDG reward Bot on Telegram

2. Enter the verification code as required from bot and you will see the tasks to complete

3. Complete the quest as suggested from the bot to get point

4. And don’t forget to use your referral code to invite friend join us this campaign to gain more points

5. For further information you may ask bot, you can check about: points, task, account, rules


About Kingdom Game 4.0 and KingliveTV


- Kingdom Game 4.0 is an ecosystem of many components. With the combination of Blockchain-based and technological revolution, we are creating a new platform where there is an inseparable connection between game developers, gamers and network of decentralized system.

- KingliveTV is the newly livestream game platform and NFT items. This is a community for gamers to livestream, search videos and talk about game. In addition, this is also the first livestream platform for NFT and Artwork exchange.


Follow us:

Website: https://kingdomgame.org/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/KingdomGameGlobal 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingdomGame_KDG 

Telegram EN: https://t.me/kdg_en

Telegram VN: https://t.me/kdg_vn