It has been a month since KingliveTV - a livestream platform for gamers - was launched. We are very pleased to announce our achievements after all this time:


☑️Almost 500 Streamers actively

☑️More than 50,000 views

☑️More than 10,000 users 

☑️More than 3.000 followers on Telegram

☑️More than 20 types of games are played and livestreamed on the platform.

☑️Viewers and Streamers interact regularly and effectively, many Streamers were donated.


To achieve these achievements is thanks to  all users who are trusted and used our platform. KingliveTV is very appreciative and would like to express our sincere thanks to you. 

Soon, we will release KingliveTV version 2 with more advanced features. Let’s look forward to it !!