KingliveTV is a product of Kingdom Game 4.0 that aims to create a community for streamers and viewers to search and share videos about game.


The idea of ​​KingliveTV was rekindled very early and through the hard work process, Kingdom Game 4.0 team officially launched KingliveTV on May 10, 2020.


As the most awaited project in the first half of 2021 of Kingdom Game 4.0, even though it has been released for less than a week, KingliveTV has achieved outstanding achievements:


☑️Almost 200 Streamers actively

☑️More than 10,000 views

☑️More than 20 types of games are played and livestreamed on the platform.

☑️More than 1,000 followers on Telegram

☑️Viewers and Streamers interact regularly and effectively, many Streamers were donated.


 And these statistics will increase in the near future!!!


🤝KingliveTV is very proud and sincerely thanks to the users who have trusted and used the KingliveTV livestream platform. In the near future, we will continuously improve and upgrade the system to give users the most enjoyable experience.


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