Today 20/05/2021, we are excited to announce the partnership between KingliveTV and Beos Gaming - the professional PUBG Esports Team.


About Beos Gaming

Beos Gaming is an Esport team consisting of many members of different ages, participating in professional PUBG Game Esport. Beos Gaming has had many achievements such as: Top Final PVS Spring 2021, Top pops esports PUBG invitational, Top Final PVO, Top Final Star Tournament…

In addition, the team members are also streamers with a lot of experiences, who have livestreamed many times and have their own fans. They will be the new generation of Streamers and KingliveTV is pleased to accompany with Beos Gaming throughout this development process.


About KingliveTV

KingliveTV is one of Kingdom Game 4.0 products built for the purpose of creating a community for gamers with the opportunity to exchange and give gifts through livestream and video sharing. In addition, KingliveTV is also the first livestream platform for NFT and artworks. Through KingliveTV, users not only gain knowledge about the game, but also about NFT and the crypto market.


About the goal of this cooperation

This cooperation will help KingliveTV be more widely known and professional. And Beos Gaming streamers also have a chance to reveal their full potential.. We will work closely together to develop KingliveTV in a comprehensive, extensive and long-term cooperation.