The first top race on KingliveTV took place for a week from May 17 to May 24, 2021 with the participation of hundreds of Streamers. Through this race, Streamers had the opportunity to challenge themselves, they put in 100% of their efforts and showed their abilities to us.


We are extremely excited to announce Top 3 Streamers in the Top View race on KingliveTV after one week:


️Top 1: Streamer Nguyen Gia Minh

Nick name: Gầy Gaming

Views: 2,159


️Top 2: Streamer Cao Van Uy

Nick name: Urren Gaming

Views: 1,275


️Top 3: Streamer Tran Lam Minh Thuong

Nick name: Thương97

Views: 955


The race is only half time left to find out who is the King of Views on KingliveTV.

Don't hesitate to join us now at: