😍 You have passion for Game and want to earn much money?
😟 You want to become a streamer but don't have followers yet?
👉 KingliveTV will help you fulfill that wish!

💻 KingliveTV is a huge channel to search and share videos about Game. You can record live (livestream) or share (upload) your videos for everyone to watch.

💯 Benefits of becoming a Streamer with KingliveTV:
✔️ Sign up freely, fast and easily.
✔️ Salary:  10$ per week.
✔️ Receive donate money, gifts from viewers.
✔️ Rewards from competitions on KingliveTV
✔️ And many other attractive rewards.

️🎯 What is the requirement to become a streamer on KingliveTV?
1️⃣ You just need to know how to play any games  - We don't limit the genre of the game you play (except gambling).
2️⃣ KingliveTV does not request followers from other livestream and social media platforms.
3️⃣ You need to have live stream devices such as mic, webcam (using OBS).
4️⃣ KingliveTV requires a minimum of 10 viewers per livestream.
5️⃣ You need to livestream at least 20 hours / week, priority is given to those who can livestream everyday 
6️⃣ Everytime you start a livestream, shares the livestream on Facebook or other social networks with hashtag: #Kingdomgame #KingliveTV #KDG

🎮 I want to be a KingliveTV streamer now !!!
📞 Just fill in the information below and we will contact you.
 Fill this form now: https://bitly.com.vn/wi319v