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Safe, highly secure, fast and user-friendly crypto wallet platform

  • Wallet to store KDG token
  • Digital asset storage for DEFI Gaming
  • Redeem bonus points and game tokens

Digital payment platform for agents, users, and developers

  • Using KDG token in Game services, rewards and withdrawals
  • Purchasing for products in the game ecosystem
  • Reaching millions of users in the video game market

The digital gaming platform for developers, KOLs, agents, and users

  • Provide an initial fundraising (IGO) platform for developers
  • Open Player Rewards Pool (play to earn)
  • Dapp Game on Blockchain platform

The platform for changing game tokens and other top digital assets simply and conveniently

  • Exchange of game tokens
  • Exchange market leading digital currencies
  • Market volatility warning
  • Cross exchange between different blockchain networks