According to a recently published article by Vogue Business, luxury fashion brand Gucci has confirmed that “entering the NFT market is only a matter of time” and will soon release its own NFT.

Vogue Business also said that "the fashion industry is the next big industry to adopt the NFT, after the sports entertainment industry".

Marjorie Hernandez, founder of Lukso, a blockchain platform that works with fashion brands, said:

“The only question is who will pull the flag first… Gucci ?, Luxury fashion brands are already behind in the e-commerce trend, so now there are many companies willing to experiment with new technologies like blockchain. than"

Hernandez has talked to a number of celebrities in the fashion industry recently and they all show an interest. NFT.

However, NFT use cases in the fashion industry are still limited, and luxury brands are looking to provide a premium experience for consumers who pay for it.

Crypto startups are looking to combine NFT gadgets with the high fashion industry. Sydney-based Neuno is currently working with five luxury fashion houses to launch the NFT.

Neuno is not taking a traditional approach to launching NFT in existing markets. Instead, they work directly with brands to deliver a premium buying experience to potential customers and ensure authenticity.

NFT can definitely help couture brands open new revenue streams and provide customers with unique access to their favorite brands.

NFT is now really thriving, not only fashion brands but also other industries have entered this market. And KDG has already entered this very promising market.