The recently announcement of cooperation between KingliveTV and Team Beos Gaming will surely make many people wonder about who are they and what can they do?

Team Beos Gaming consists of 5 members in different ages, but in general they are all young Streamers. The members of the Beos Gaming Team, despite their young age, the whole team has achieved amazing achievements.


Streamer: Nguyen Chau Nghia - Captain of Beos Gaming team team

Nickname: BeoS


+ Top 3 qualifiers for PUBG Vietnam Series

+ Play off PVS

+ Talkative and funny Streamer

Streamer: Tran Duc Huy - The main member of the team

Nick name: Whysoez


+ Overwatch: Top 3 SEA Tournament.

+ PUBG : Entered the final round of PVS all seasons.
+ Currently preparing to play off the PVO PUBG round.

Tran Van Hoa - New member but has good skill

Nick name: Bac_HoaVan-_-


+ Top3 qualifiers for PUBG Vietnam Series.

+ Game: PUBG, CSGO, Fifa, LOL...

Vo Van Nghi - Member with the most outstanding achievements

Nick name: VanNghj


+Top 5 pops Esports PUBG Invitational.

+ Final PVS Spring 2021.

+ Top 5 Finalists of Star Informatics Award 2020.

+ Participate in many finals of PUBG PC tournaments.

Pham Duc Huy - The youngest member of the team

Nick name: Sjndy


+ Used to be a player of the Pleiku United Esports team as a supporter.

+ Participate in the final PVO.

+ Participate in the final Star Tournament.

+ Top 3 Cham PUBG Series 3.

Let's look forward to the attractive livestreams of Beos Gaming members on KingliveTV