In order to make it easier for new users to Swap, the following article will detail how to swap from KDG-TRC20 to KDG-BEP 20 ( with the ratio: 1 KDG-TRC20 = 10 KDG-BEP20).


Swap is neccessary because it will affect how to use and trade KDG in the future. So follow the instructions below to start Swap:


Step 1: Log in King Wallet account and select “Swap Now” to start,

Step 2: In the KDG section, select the “Swap” button,

Step 3: Fill in the required information and select “Swap”

After Swap, check the amount of KDG-BEP20 in KDG-BEP20 section.

Note: KDG on MXC account will automatically swap from KDG-TRC20 to KDG-BEP20 with the ratio: 1 KDG-TRC20 = 10 KDG-BEP20

For users who own KDG on Trust Wallet or Tron Linkpro Wallet, you need to transfer to King Wallet and swap as instructed.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment to let us know