KDG Token

kingdom game 4.0 token (KDG)


Kingdom Game Token (KDG) will be the payment method in our game ecosystem. In addition, KDG tokens are a payment method that guarantees safety, transparency, quick transactions and leads the trend in the digital gaming industry.


Bringing insight and long-term cohesion between game publishers and gamers. Game definition becomes an equal profession and creates high income in society. In addition, we aim to equip and update all gamers as well as the young generation trends of the industrial revolution 4.0 and nurtures the future technology of the country.

Token Info
Executive nationBelize
Token issued100,000,000 KDG
New contract address (TRC20)TYM9eM22SCynRc5YaMxE2PX1kwv7H2rXAu
Old contract address (ERC223)0x2c7a632bb31168d9441afe3ca71fe1a5bce03a25
Token mainnet swapKDG has completed swap from ERC223 to Tron mainnet TRC20 (on Feb 17, 2020)
ScopePayment in the ecosystem of Kingdom Game 4.0
Reference price1 KDG = 0.2 USD
New platformTRC20
Old platformERC 223
Token distributionBase on white paper terms and conditions
The angel fund raising phase took place on September 26, 2019.
Total game token sold: 17,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 17% of the total tokens issued). This KDG token will be locked for 1 year from the date of listing on the exchange and release gradually by time.
KDG game tokens will be listed on top 3 major exchanges in the world. The listing schedule will be published in detail on the official website.
Issue Token

Kingdom ventures., Ltd issued 100,000,000 Kingdom Game 4.0 tokens with KDG code based on TRC20 platform. KDG is a cryptocurrency used for in-game payments on the Kingdom Game 4.0 platform and is distributed to investors, agents and gamers in accordance with the White Paper terms and conditions.

KDG Game Token numbers are allocated as follows:
  • 17,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 17% of the total issued Token) sold to Angel investors during the Private Sale (this token is locked for 1 year)
  • 35,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 35% of the issued Token) will be sold to dealer network, distribution network and players. The amount of tokens will be locked and only allocated according to the needs of agents and players according to each stage of development. Maximum of 2 million KDG distribution per month
  • 8,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 8% of the issued Token): used to sponsor domestic and international eSports tournaments of Kingdom Game 4.0
  • 10,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 10% of the issued Token) are used as marketing expenses to sponsor community events and promotional activities for Kingdom Game 4.0
  • 5,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 5% of the issued Token): used as a reward for the project support team. (This token is locked for 01 year)
  • 10,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 10% of the issued Token) are used as a reserve fund for Kingdom Game 4.0 and the tokens is locked for 1 year)
  • 15,000,000 KDG (equivalent to 15% of the issued Token) is reserved for the Kingdom Game 4.0 Foundation founder and developer. This token amount will be frozen and cannot be traded for 2 years from the time of token issuance.
Investor profits
  • KDG game tokens are used as a payment method in the game ecosystem released by Kingdom games, as well as a means of payment for partners' games to create large liquidity and sustainable value
  • Investors can own the company's shares
  • Receive dividends from the company's profits
  • Enjoy the price descrepancy
  • Accompanying with developers, being updated and led by the trend of blockchain games
In this model, the company's profits will be distributed as follows:
  • 15% of profits will be used to pay dividents to all shareholders. Profits will be paid via USDT or equivalent cryptocurrencies easily liquidated on the exchange
  • 25% of the profits are going to increase marketing to expand the market in order to increase the number of gamers of Kingdom Game 5
  • 30% of the profits are used to keep the company running and negotiate with the developers to buy more games with big sales and players that contribute to Kingdom Game 4.0’s Game labs
  • 15% of the profits are used to invest in Game Labs to research & develop new products
  • 15% set uses for reserve fund
  • For angel investors, shareholders will be reporting profits through the App weekly. And you can withdraw your profits or keep it for reinvestment.