Today March 12, Kingdom Ventures., Ltd, the leading game blockchain and payment solution company has officially established strategic partnership with Atoken Wallet – the world’s leading digital wallet with more than 1.5 million users to expand the ecosystem, support asset storage solutions with multiple security layers, and provide many other quality products to bring more value for users.

Mr. Luong Tuan Anh – CEO of Kingdom Game 4.0 highly appreciates the cooperation with Atoken Wallet: “Kingdom Game 4.0 will join the Atoken Wallet ecosystem by integrating KDG token on the Atoken platform. With the security technology from Atoken Wallet, we are pretty sure that users who store KDG tokens will receive a lot of benefits and Atoken wallet will also provide investors with effective storage and investment methods, including KDG staking, dApp or quick and easy swapping solutions,… ”.

“As one of the leading cryptocurrency wallets in the world and increasingly asserting our growth, we always want to bring value to the potential market of Vietnam. Working with Kingdom Game 4.0 to establish a strategic partnership is a further step on that path. Atoken Wallet believes that this partnership will not only bring valuable benefits to the community but also to KDG token holders as well as expand the user ecosystem on both sides. ”, Sarah – Director Marketing of Atoken Wallet shared.

About AToken

AToken, created by core development team members of Huobi Wallet, is a mobile wallet that supports secure and easy multi-asset storage, 3rd party DApp listing and token swaps. With the support for 19 blockchains, it is currently a wallet with the most supported blockchains. In December 2018, AToken received a wholly-owned acquisition of DFG.

AToken is one of the earliest decentralized wallets to support DeFi. It has multi-encryption protections, an ecosystem of various DApps (currently supporting DApps on ETH, EOS, TRX and ONT), and the support for the Staking ecosystem, the Compound ecosystem and more.

AToken has kept a record of no asset loss incident for over 2 years since its launch in 2017. AToken is now serving millions of users wholeheartedly.


About Kingdom Game

Kingdom Game is a gaming platform that integrates a sustainable sharing economy model, thanks to the application of Blockchain technology. The “Triple win” model between the company, its agents and the game players is the key to Kingdom Game’s sustainable development. Kingdom Game 4.0 owns KDG tokens, which are highly applicable in payment, value assurance and development of Kingdom Game’s product ecosystem.

Kingdom Games are currently distributed and developed such as MU Kingdome SS15, Tam Tien Kiem H5, Hoa Vo Lam multi-platform (preparing to launch) …

Currently, Kingdom Game has more than 20,000 users, more than 600 agents nationwide. This is a pioneering model in bringing sustainable value to players in the ecosystem, users can just play games for entertainment and can easily make money from the KDG platform.

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