Kingdom Game 4.0 (KDG) and Let Me Trade (LMT) strategic partnership announcement

Kingdom Game (KDG) and Let Me Trade (LMT) strategic partnership announcement

We are delighted to announce the strategic partnership formed between KDG and LMT.

KDG and LMT will support each other and develop a healthier decentralized ecosystem based on the blockchain technology. They will also join forces to build better crypto communities.

KDG token is issued by Kingdom Game with various applications in its gaming ecosystem. LMT is a crypto broker in providing professional crypto trading services. In this partnership, LMT will launch KDG token to its unique Token Swap trading. With that, users will be able to swap KDG tokens on LMT after KDG IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) completes.

More details about this partnership will be revealed in the next few days. Please stay tuned to the public announcement from KDG and LMT.

About Kingdom Game

Kingdom Game is a gaming platform that integrates a sustainable sharing economy model, thanks to the application of Blockchain technology. The “Triple win” model between the company, its agents and the game players is the key to Kingdom Game’s sustainable development. Kingdom Game 4.0 owns KDG tokens, which are highly applicable in payment, value assurance and development of Kingdom Game’s product ecosystem.

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About Let Me Trade

LMT Let Me Trade is a world’s leading crypto broker. It is developed by a team of professionals with years of experiences in crypto currency and traditional finance. It helps you excel in trading crypto currency. Major services include Contract trading, Copy trade (Social Trading), Margin trading and Token Swap. Experienced traders can long / short digital asset by applying diversified trading strategies. For those without lots trading experiences or new to crypto, they can choose to follow pro-trader in the community.

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