Currently, online games are increasingly developing, bringing the demand for more and more livestreams. With such a huge market in terms of users, Kingdom Game 4.0 has developed in the direction of bringing the best game experience to users through Kingdom Game Hub and now is the livestream platform KingliveTV.

Let's welcome the biggest event in the first half of 2021 of Kingdom Game 4.0. KingliveTV will be released in early May 2021.

We build KingliveTV platform within Kingdom Game 4.0 ecosystem with the aim of bringing blockchain Game projects such as My Neighbor Alice, My DeFi Pet, Seascape Games., etc a specialized online Stream Game blockchain platform, where gamers can freely introduce their favorite games to the community and receive a lot of passive income from the community.


After the successful launch of 2 platforms on blockchain technology Kingdom Game Hub and King Wallet, Kingdom Game 4.0 decided to develop a new platform based on blockchain technology. KingliveTV is built to give streamers and viewers a place to share videos, share experiences, exchange items and earn income.


In KingliveTV, user can use KDG native token to trade items, donates for your favourite. And you can also use this currency to trade on exchanges to convert in cash. KDG is currently available on the MXC.

KingliveTV will be built with full features like other livestream platforms such as: livestream, watch videos, upload, donate, give gifts, chat ... And our platform will optimize to ensure the smoothest image and the clearest sound.

There is also a very new and special feature is the exchange and sale of non NFT or NFT (coming soon in Q2 2021) on the market of KingliveTV. You can buy your favorite market items to use or donate to your favorite streamer. And you can also sell them to other users on this market.



Livestream has become a new trend in recent years with famous livestream platforms such as Youtube gaming, Facebook gaming, Twitch ... However, the benefits for users are not really much, and they still have not combined the benefits that blockchain and NFT bring in. KingliveTV can be said to be the first livestream platform in blockchain technology and NFT.

The incentives you can get when using KingliveTV are huge. You can earn money by views, donated gifts from viewers or rewarded events with the best conversion rate in existing livestream platforms.

+ For livestream video: 20 views = 1KDG

+ For video upload: 50 views = 1 KDG

+ Donates or purchased items can be auctioned at a higher price on the market, or KingliveTV will redeem them at 90% of the original price.

+ There will have racing events with the top number of followers and views with an attractive mechanism

+ In addition, on the first day of launch, you register as a streamer and you will have amazing offers.


Roadmap and team

Currently, KingliveTV is in the process of completing and is expected to be released in early May 2021. We are continuously improving to meet the needs of our users. And we will be constantly updating articles about the upcoming launch of KingliveTV.

The KingliveTV project team has extensive experience in the blockchain and gaming cryptocurrency market as well as other industries. But most importantly, we all work together to bring you the best and newest livestream platform.

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