Kingdom Game 4.0 is an ecosystem that includes a lot of components. In order to provide the most enjoyable experience about game for users as well as about crypto financial market, we build the system on the blockchain platform and bring NFT into our system. Below is the development roadmap of Kingdom Game 4.0 and we will continue to improve and develop in the future 

Q1 2019

·         Researching Kingdom Game 4.0 Platform

Q2 2019

·         Draft and Improvement of the Whitepaper

Q3 2019

·         Launch website and whitepaper to introduce Kingdom game 4.0 platform.

Q4 2019

·         Seed and Private sale

Q1 2020

·         Completes KDG  mainnet  on Tron TRC20.

·         Smart Contract audit

·         IEO on MXC exchange

Q2 2020

·         Launching Kingdom Game 4.0 Platform Phase 1

Q3 2020

·         Promote marketing plan for Kingdom Game 4.0 system.

Q4 2020

·         Launching King wallet for cryptocurrency

Q1 2021

·         Game Hub released

·         Partnership with other Game blockchain protocols for interoperability

Q2 2021

·         Kingdom Game 4.0 Binance Smart Chain intergration

·         Kinglivetv- the world first livestream platform for NFT blockchain game, NFT items, Artwork release

·         Kingdom Game 4.0 NFT market release

Q3 2021

·         Kingdom Game 4.0 DeFi Gamification upgrades

·         Game Hub and NFT Game blockchain intergration

Q4 2021

·         Kinglive DeFi and NFT Market upgrade

·         Scaling technology and engineering with DeFi/smart contract.