NFT appeared only a few years ago, but its influence on the economic market in particular and all other markets is undeniable. Following that trend, NFT marketplaces began to appear more and more.

No one can confirm when and how NFT marketplace existed, but  certainly it was formed early, right after NFT created a global trend Because NFT has great potential and the demand for NFT increases, the appearance of NFT trading markets is inevitable.

According to the development timeline, the NFT Marketplaces below are quite popular and have great success.

- OpenSea:

Open Sea is the number one NFT exchange and the dominant in the NFT ecosystem. It is a marketplace that allows users to trade NFTs, create NFTs, view data, and check wallets in all items like games, virtual real estate, digital collectibles, cryptocurrencies. In general, it is place of everything about NFT.

- Mintbase:

This is a marketplace for buying, selling and creating NFTs. The main difference is that Mintbase offers NFTs not commonly found on other platforms, users can also create their own NFTs.

- Rarible:

Rarible has been around since July 2020 but its profits are already comparable to Super Rare. It focuses on the Defi market and has its own unique products.

- Binance NFT Marketplace:

Will be appeared in June, 2021, Binance is a formidable opponent because of its rapid growth. Binance focuses on reducing transaction fees, adding commissions to merchants, and keeping copyright fees for the creators of each NFT.

- NFT Marketplace in KingliveTV:

KingliveTV - Kingdom Game 4.0's livestream platform for gamers - will soon integrate NFT Marketplace with high-end graphics, friendly interface. KingliveTV's NFT will focus on artwork and will allow users to create their own NFTs. At the same time, for convenience when buying and selling, KingliveTV allows users to easily swap into other tokens and has an auction feature to increase the value of NFT.


NFT Marketplace has really grown and has its own place. So are you expecting the upcoming launch of NFT Marketplace in KingliveTV?

There will certainly be a lot of interesting things. Let's look forward to it !!