* Note: the article is based on the author's personal opinion, not considered an investment recommendation *

In an interview with Carl Martin, Armstrong said that his strategy was when it came to investing in pennies NFT is to focus on big names.

Armstrong's first-name NFT project on the list is decentralized entertainment and video game platform WorldWide Asset exchange or WAX (WAXP).

“Since I joined this market, I have always thought that I have to go with the big names. That is my investment strategy ”

"You can do your smaller speculations with projects that fall in the $ 400 million - $ 500 million range of market cap, but when you look at something like WAX, I don't even think it in the top 100 right now. ”

"This is a project where everything they do is successful. Every game that WAX itself - not blockchain, is stable. So I think there is still a lot of room with WAX. ”

"This year NFT is the investment trend, and if you want to invest in this market don't miss it, give it a try."

The second name on his NFT list is Sandbox (SAND).

Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality platform built and developed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

“If you love games and blockchain then this is a really interesting project. Sandbox has some very similarities with Decentraland (MANA), virtual real estate ... in the game world. Kind of like a metaverse, like Ready Player. In it people own virtual real estate, and then will be able to build things like in a Minecraft game ”

"I think now is a good time to enter SAND, because this coin hasn't increased much..the ability to make a profit is still there"

The last NFT on his list is Enjin(ENJ) - this is the last coin that caught great attention in the crypto community when it suddenly spiked to a high of $ 3.

As for Enjin (ENJ), Armstrong doesn't go into details but he has acquaintances on Enjin's development team and has some inside information about what Enjin is doing.

“Obviously, Enjin is a giant in the NFT space, it is a leader in the gaming and NFT space, this is undeniable. I really have some inside information about what Enjin is doing and the upcoming updates I can't say here but it's really interesting. ”

“It would be very regrettable if you invest in the NFT trend and ignore this name. Let's see how it explodes in the near future. "

The NFT trend is indeed increasing strongly in recent times. Investing in NFT is currently a "trend", but not all NFT investments are considered wise. So investment selection is also very important, now KDG is also developing in NFT and is expected to grow strongly, is one of the markets that you can consider if you are interested in NFT