👨‍👨‍👧‍👧Nowadays, video game livestreaming has developed rapidly and become a new phenomenon among those who look to take advantage of the technological advances to earn extra profits from the , especially during this unstable time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, what is video game Livestreaming? How many kinds of video game livestreaming are there? This article is going to give you a brief idea on this latest form of live broadcasting. 


🍁What is streaming?

Technically, streaming is a “stream” of videos that broadcast the on-going content to the concurrent viewers. The broadcaster can interact as well as reach out to their fans from all over the world.


🍁 What is video game streaming?

Video game streaming is a video "stream" to convey game content to viewers, streamers can interact with and reach their fans everywhere.

The information and data of this video are circulated continuously and regularly from the source to that "destination" through the Internet. In short, when you are watching a video game online without downloading it, it is a Streaming Video Game.


🍁Different types of video streaming:

There are 2 major types of video streaming:

✅Livestreaming: the video will be broadcast live to the audiences at the same time they are watching it with the help of such equipment as video camera or webcam, microphone, etc. Some major platforms like Twitch, Youtube Live or Facebook Live offer such livestreaming services. 

✅Video on Demand (VoD): in this the type of video streaming, multimedia files are saved on a video server and are available to the viewer whenever they access the service. Users are free to fast forward, rewind or skip episodes on this type of streaming. 


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