🧑🏻‍💻 In the age of Industry 4.0 being increasingly implemented into our everyday life, the career market sees the emergence of some entirely new professions, one of which is video live streaming. Video live streaming is especially popular among the young, who are heavily influenced by famous figures from the Internet. So what is the explanation for such a phenomenon? Let’s find out in the following article.


🎮 Who is Game streamer?

Game streamers are video streamers who broadcast live the game activities they are engaging in to an audience pool via live streaming platforms. They are content creators who have a strong passion for games and take interest in sharing gaming experiences with other people.


❓ Why is live streaming an attractive career?


🌟 Attractive income: Streamers can earn money in many ways such as viewer donations, ads, product sponsorship, crowdfunded subscription, affiliate marketing, etc. These are great ways to monetize live streaming content and earn dream incomes.


🌟 Making a living out of one’s passion: Most people who pursue live streaming as a career have the same passion for games and spend most of the time in their everyday life playing games. Turning their love for games into a high-paying full-time job is every gamer’s dream.


🌟 Streamers change one’s perspective on life in a better way: Every inspiring story brought by streamers might act as a confidence boost  for their viewers. Many young people look up to streamers as a source of inspiration and motivation in life. Live streaming jobs are attractive as young people aspire to be such influencers as their favorite streamers.


🌟 Easy access: Nowadays, most social media platforms offer live streaming features. Streaming equipment is available for every budget, from entry-level live streaming gears for beginners to advanced ones. KingLive TV by Kingdom Game 4.0 is a new yet very unique platform in the livestreaming market. With the idea of integrating blockchain technology into game streaming and many more exciting features, we promise to do our best to make streamers’ dreams come true.


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