1. Watching game streams is more economical than playing games

Saving here includes both effort and money. T hu gather examples like the game blockbuster that any gamer can not be denied as God of War 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ... Then players take at least tens of hours to experience it all.

That 's not to mention the plot titles broader and continuous updates also spend a lot more time and effort. In addition to tracking out , to play this game the need to invest in equipment is quite costly, not to mention the cost of purchasing the game is also not cheap.

Instead of spending a lot of money to play by themselves, most people choose a more economical and also relaxing and relaxing way to watch streamers play that game . Just a smartphone with a network is where almost every game can be experienced and of course This is completely free .

2. Watch game stream to explore a game before deciding to spend money to buy 

A game is like a smartphone, buyers always want to experience it or see others use it before deciding to spend money to buy it outright. Games you have PewDiePie, jacksepticeye or TotalBiscuit with WTF Is ... Often playing series many new titles, since it gives you a clearer picture of the gameplay, how gaming operators to see whether to buy or not.

Even if you do not know these people, you can go straight to YouTube Gaming Twitch.tv or after that find titles that you want to see . There are a lot of games to be streamed on the two services there , from the new game Battlefield 1, the Legion of World of Warcraft to Super Mario or even mobile games like Clash of Clans, Summoners War.

3. Relaxation provided by streamers when watching game stream

It is a fact that the most famous streamers always bring a lot of laughter to their audience. In our country today, typical names with huge views of tens of thousands like Do Mixi, Teacher Ba or Dung CT… Always know how to make their viewers laugh. Of course, this ca n't be done by everyone, but it also requires a unique charm and sense of humor of each individual .

Very many people have shared about watching other streams such as spiritual food to help them de-stress after hours of studying, work stress.

4. See the good players to practice the steps  so  that  the learning and apply it to the individual ball game

And utilizing V IEC , Twitch and Google  start  contact  is like  signing a contract with the gamer  celebrities  so they stream the games  everyday  around.

On the viewer's side, they  will be able to  see directly how their idols, how good gamers control or  practice steps  - something that cannot be witnessed when just sitting and watching the tournament.

Watching good gamers  practice the steps  is  very important  for those who  want to  get more serious about their game – viewers will be able to learn  some  tips  , how to build gameplay, how to buy in-game items  as well as  how the players handle the situation. It's like we are both enjoying and drawing lessons for ourselves to apply in future games.


Watching stream games also has many interesting things that you will not be able to find if you just sit and play alone and on the contrary , watching people play can not get the same experience when you destroy a game by yourself. play there . Personally, I see that there are still a lot of "superior" gamers who don't like those who just watch the stream and then join the game discussion.